Q: I see you’re in Napa Valley.  Do you have a tasting room?
A: Yes, our wines are featured at our tasting room, Vintner’s Collective (1245 Main St.) in downtown Napa. It’s an amazing tasting room with some of Napa Valley’s finest, so if you’ve never been, please stop by and enjoy.

Q: Where else can I find Hertelendy wines?
A: Outside of our website, one can find our wines at select restaurants listed HERE.

Q: What is an allocation?
A: Your allocation is the maximum number of bottles offered to you during a release period (which happens twice annually). If you choose not to purchase your allocation, priority will then go to those who have purchased theirs for future allocations.

Q: When will I receive my wine order?
A: Depends on where you reside in the United States. For most ground orders, we only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays. During the summer, we will not ship ground to places when it’s over 80ºF as this can ruin a wine. If you live in one of these areas and you choose to ship ground, we will store your wine in our temperature controlled storage facility until temperatures cool down. If you would prefer to receive your wine promptly, you can upgrade your shipping to Overnight, 2nd Day Air, FedEx Cold Chain, or UPS Overnight Solutions.

Q: Can I order more than a case of wine for my allocation?
A: Our goal is to share our wines with as many people as possible which is difficult due to our limited supply of 500-1000 cases annually produced. If you would like more than your allocation, please notify us (either in the notes section of your order or an email), and we’ll add your request to our wait list. Once our offer window has closed, we will gladly accommodate your additional request with any available wine stock. Thank you.

Q: Do you have a distributor?
A: Yes, we do:

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Given the expense, we do not ship internationally at this time. However, we are close to securing a deal which will make our wines available all over the world.

Q: Why can’t I see my state in the order form. Can you ship to me?
A: Unfortunately, it means we don’t have compliance in your state. We are working diligently on getting compliance for every state, so please check back with us over the next few months.  Some states will never allow wine shipments such as Utah. Please join our mailing list, and if you are on Facebook, please add us HERE and we’ll keep you informed when that happens.

Q: When shall I enjoy the wine?
A: This question is purely subjective. You can store it for years, or you can enjoy it now depending upon your preference. However, all we ask is that you allow the wine to settle for a week or more after receiving your shipment. “Travel shock” sometimes occurs when the wine gets shaken up during a long voyage.

Q: What is the ideal temperature to enjoy this wine?
A: We prefer to serve our red wines at 55ºF and white wines at 44ºF. We feel it is a good “starting point”, and as the wines warm up with every degree, you will enjoy the unveiling of different flavors, aromas, and nuances.

Q: Should I decant the red wines before serving?
A: If possible, we encourage decanting at least 30-60 minutes beforehand for our red wines.

Q: When was Hertelendy Vineyards established?
A: Our inaugural vintage was our 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon which Robert Parker gave 95 points.

Q: What is the significance behind the Hertelendy coat of arms?
A: More details about our Hertelendy family coat of arms can be found by deciphering the secret “Da Vinci code” we created in gold foil on our Chardonnay label. To see the original Hertelendy coat of arms, click HERE.

Q: How can I get notified about future releases?
A: If you sign up on our ACQUIRE page, we will be sure to let you know about our future releases. In addition, if you are on Facebook, you can be informed HERE about other news as well.

We hope these answer most of your questions. Please see our CONTACT section if you have any further inquiries. We thank you very much for your interest!